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PARENTS Frequently Asked Questions

How does this website work?
Where do the interviews take place?
The interviews take place at a time and place convenient for you. We prefer to have the interview at your house with your children so that you and your children can meet the au pair / babysitter.
What are the recommended hourly rates?
These rates depend on the amount of time that you will need your carer for each month, as well as their education and experience level. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and the rates.
How do I apply?
  1. You can sign up for a babysitter or for an au pair.
  2. We will contact you asking you for important information that will help us find a compatible carer for your needs.
  3. We find and interview carers on your behalf.
  4. When we find a match we set up an interview for you to meet the carer.
  5. You hire the carer!
How do I pay the carer?
For au pairs, you pay the candidate on a monthly basis, just as you would any other employee. For a babysitter, you pay them cash at the end of a sit.


CARERS Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ideal qualities for a carer to have?
  • You should be fit and healthy with lots of energy to be able to keep up with the energy levels of children. You need to be able to last as long as they can by  playing hide and seek, ball games, catches and other physical activities.
  • You should have a bubbly personality, which means that you are always smiling, laughing, happy, outgoing and not shy to start a conversation. Children are attracted to people who make them happy, so if you are not a happy person, how are you going to make a child happy.
  • You need to have patience with children in all aspects of your responsibilities.
  • Be creative and come up with new games or things to do for the children. Children love to be entertained by creative activities and they learn a lot from them.
  • It is very important that you can communicate effectively and understand children on their level. Communication to your host family about your thoughts or concerns regarding the children you are caring for is very important.
  • Mentor the children into positive, confident young people, where this involves taking responsibility for the cognitive and behavioural development of the children you are looking after.
How do I apply?
  1. You need to make sure that you meet the minimum requirements for the position that you are applying for. These can be found under the info tab for either an au pair or a babysitter.
  2. You then sign up as a child carer.
  3. If you meet the minimum criteria and we feel that you are a suitable candidate, we arrange for an interview.
  4. After the interview you will give us some more detailed and important information that will help us match you up with a compatible family.
  5. You have an interview with the family.
  6. You get hired!
Where do the interviews take place?
The interviews take place at a convenient location for both Babysitters Club and you. We also do Skype interviews for candidates that stay far away from the Southern Suburbs.
What do I get paid?
If you are an au pair, you get paid a salary based on an hourly rate agreed upon before the start of your contract with your family. If you are a babysitter you get paid in cash by the family after a sit which is a minimum of 3 hours. The rates that you get paid varies depending on your education and experience level that you have with children.

Please contact us for more information.

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