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Why Choose Us?
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[icobox shape=”circled” icon=”search” title=”Proven screening process” url=”” desc=”Our strict application process allows only the best candidates to register with us.” inverse=”yes” animated=”yes” halffill=”yes” size=”lg” centered=”yes”] [/animate] [/col-md-3] [/row] [button text=”Make a booking now” link=”http://babysittersclub.co.za/babysitter-or-au-pair/” color=”primary” size=”normal” target”_self” icon=”none”]


[animate animation=”fadeInUp” delay=”0″] [title type=”bordered” subtitle=”Recent reviews”] What clients say [/title] [/animate] [row] [col-md-6] [animate animation=”fadeInLeft” delay=”0″] [testimonial color=”primary” img_url=”http://babysittersclub.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Babysitters-Club-Happy-Client-Di-e1429106422965.png” name=”Dianne G.” info=”Mother of 2″] I have used this service for quite some time now and have always found the babysitters to be conscientious, friendly and caring. Highly recommend them. [/testimonial] [/animate] [/col-md-6] [col-md-6] [animate animation=”fadeInRight” delay=”0″] [spacer size=”normal” class=”visible-sm visible-xs”] [testimonial color=”success” img_url=”http://babysittersclub.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Babysitters-Club-Happy-Client-e1426506456870.png” name=”Shirley V.” ] So impressed and a very happy mommy. Roxy was so sweet and made us feel very relaxed leaving our daughter with her. We even phoned her to ask if we could come back an hour later than we originally said and she was super chilled about it. Thank you so much. I will definitely be using it again and I will be linking your page on to many of my friends profiles. [/testimonial] [/animate] [/col-md-6] [/row]



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