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Winter in Cape Town with your Kids

With the sun shining bright and the temperatures in the 30’s it is hard to believe that winter in on the way!
We are all hoping for the skies to open, and rain to pour down… but then what do we do with our kids?

  •  Put on those gumboots and rain coats and jump in some puddles with your kids
  • Been to the Science Center yet?
  • Head to Scratch Patch and dig for pebbles, plus mom and dad can enjoy a cup of coffee and a scone
  • Do some science experiments at home: learnplayimagine

Mom and Dad feeling a little cabin fever? No problem! Contact Babysitter’s Club, book a sitter and hit the town!


Important information for your babysitter

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We have provided a free babysitter checklist and emergency contact form to make sure that you have everything ticked off before you leave for your evening out. All you have to do is sign up to our newsletter by signing up at the end of this article.

If you are using a babysitter from Babysitters Club, they will arrive at least 10 minutes before the time specified. This is to ensure that they have a few minutes to get to know you and your child/children before you leave the house and for you to give them all the relevant safety information and contact details.

Some children do not take too well to a stranger being in their home, and it may be hard for you to leave them, but know that the babysitter we send  you is  experienced and that your children will be in safe and caring hands.

Below is a list of things we would advise you discuss with your babysitter before you leave:

  • Your contact number as well as your partner’s contact number.
  • A contact name and number of a neighbour, family member or friend who lives nearby, as well as their address.
  • A rough estimate of the time that you expect to be home. (We do not expect you to be home at a certain time, you may come home whenever you want. This is more for safety reasons so that the babysitter knows when to expect you home. If you plan on being later than expected, a simple sms/whatsapp to the babysitter would be appreciated to let them know that you plan on staying out longer).
  • A list of other emergency contact numbers, like an electrician, a plumber, the fire department, the police services, your local neighbourhood watch, your local vet and your doctor or hospital.
  • Leave clear written directions to your address, so your sitter can give them out to the fire, police, or medical personnel in an emergency if needed.
  • Show the sitter where the following is: fire extinguisher, first aid kit, water mains and candles or a flash light (for instances when you experience load shedding).
  • Your medical aid details, should the babysitter need them in the event of an emergency.
  • If your child has any allergies or medication that needs to be given, as well as if there are any additional health problems like a bad case of nappy rash or a tendency to spit up food.
  • Your child will feel more comfortable if the babysitter sticks to the normal routines, like meal time, bath time, bed time routines and reading stories. So please make sure that you have explained all of this to the babysitter.
  • Inform the babysitter of how you discipline your child, whether it be with time out, or if you take away a privilege. It is best to keep forms of discipline in line with your own. Please note that our babysitters will under no circumstances use physical discipline.
  • Please make sure that you have enough cash on you to pay the babysitter on your return home.Like us on Facebook and sign up to our newsletter (bottom right and side of the page) to keep up to date with the latest child care news and Babysitters Club updates.

If you have a babysitter from Babysitters Club, know that your child is in reliable, safe and trusted hands for while you are away.

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